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Top 10 Yard Work and Gardening Tips to Keep You Free of Injury
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It is that time of year when people come to us for aches and pains resulting from yard work and gardening. If you follow these tips, it will help you avoid the painful affects of taking care of your yard and garden. 1.  Know your strength and limitations. Divide the work that needs to be…

How Your Compensations Can Be The Source of Your Pain
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What does an old ankle sprain, knee injury, or episode of neck pain have in common? They all change the way you move and often lead to pain in other areas of your body. This phenomenon is called compensation. A sprained ankle or painful knee will change the way you walk. Back pain will change…

How To Develop The Ultimate Core
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Learn the keys to getting the the core you want, need, and perhaps never had. This class will show you how to develop a stronger core that will give you ultimate strength and power for a lifetime. WHAT YOU WILL LEARN: Where your weaknesses are, how it is limiting your performance and making you more…

5 Good Reasons to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup
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High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a sweetener found in many types of processed foods, such as candy, baked goods, salad dressings, yogurt, soda and other sugary beverages. There are many reasons why this sweetener is bad for you and should be avoided. 1) According to two U.S. studies, nearly half of tested samples of…